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How We Serve the K-20 to Workforce Continuum

The National Student Clearinghouse® helps education go further with innovative solutions that meet reporting, research, verification, transcript, and data exchange demands across the K-20 to workforce continuum.


Our education verification and transcript ordering services are used by millions of students and alumni each year. Currently enrolled students can also take advantage of discounts from across the web by visiting

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High Schools

Thousands of high schools rely on the Clearinghouse for continuing collegiate enrollment and degree information on their alumni. We also work with high school districts and state education offices. Outreach programs depend on the Clearinghouse to accurately assess the educational achievement of outreach participants.

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The Clearinghouse services help institutions meet their growing compliance, administrative, student access, accountability, and analytical needs. Most U.S. postsecondary institutions rely on the Clearinghouse’s verification and reporting services as well as our one-of-a-kind StudentTracker research service. The Clearinghouse is also the nation’s largest provider of electronic student record exchanges and postsecondary transcript ordering services.

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Educational Organizations

The Clearinghouse regularly works with educational organizations, including state and local agencies, throughout the country to accurately assess the efforts of K-20 schools and outreach programs help students succeed in higher education. Participating in the Clearinghouse helps the education finance providers eliminate paperwork, reduce default rates, and lower expenses.

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Thousands of companies and organizations nationwide depend on the Clearinghouse to take the guesswork out of confirming academic credentials. We also offer industry-based and custom solutions that leverage our unique education data resources.

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The mission of the National Student Clearinghouse is to serve the education and workforce communities and all learners with access to trusted data, related services, and insights.



To be a premier resource in serving and supporting the opportunities created by lifelong learning.

A look at how the National Student Clearinghouse helps education go further with solutions that serve the K-20 to Workforce Continuum.

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