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What We Do

The Clearinghouse serves as a trusted agent to our participating institutions providing support for their compliance, administrative, student access, accountability, and analytical needs. Our services are designed to facilitate compliance with FERPA, The Higher Education Act, and other applicable laws.

Clearinghouse services comprise four service areas:

The Clearinghouse offers unmatched experience in electronic student record exchanges — over one billion transactions a year — and is the nation's largest provider of postsecondary transcript services.

Our free services, reports, and analytics help institutions meet the growing compliance and assessment efforts associated with state and federal financial aid programs.

We offer services and reports that draw on the Clearinghouse’s unmatched information resources on student-level educational outcomes nationwide. Solutions are available for institutions, high schools, outreach programs, and educational organizations. All our free research reports are available at

Our powerful online services let institutions outsource all academic verifications to the Clearinghouse at no cost, as well as easily manage and track verification requests for students and alumni. The Clearinghouse is also the nation’s trusted source for educational verifications by businesses and other organizations.