Frequently asked questions for school users submitting PDP Data at Frontier Set institutions.

Welcome to the webinar review of FAQs and Reporting Timeline. I am your host Geetie Ansary. Today, we will cover the FAQs we've received from the previous webinars in this submission window and we will briefly touch on the submission to reporting timeline. Where can I find the new functionality tutorials? You can find them on the Clearinghouse Academy website. Can we resubmit data using the previous data format? No. Resubmissions must follow the new data format. Please refer to the latest Submission Guide. What is the standard process to resubmit files? Please submit your resubmissions along with the other required data for this window, then certify your files. Then, email pdpservice@demo.studentclearinghouse.org to let us know that the certified data includes data that was previously submitted and reported on. I want to update Pell Recipient data for Coffey Cohorts. To update specific data points in previously submitted data files (or in this case Coffey Data that was migrated), we do have to utilize a data fix for that and not the standard process. Please send an email to pdpservice@demo.studentclearinghouse.org stating what data for what cohorts you’d like to update. When do we certify our files? Once all required data is submitted for both terms (Spring and Summer), then certify your PDP data set. Do we certify the Financial Aid file? No. The Financial Aid file is not part of the certification process. If you would like to submit the Financial Aid file, reach out to the PDP team after you complete Financial Aid submission. How do I reject my files? After you are done reviewing the metadata within the individual files, click on the reject button. A message will appear on the screen asking to confirm your action. If confirmed, the Data Status will change to Rejected. If you reject a file by mistake, simply resubmit the data. Please note, the reject button is only available if the Data Status says PASSED or DATA QUALITY FAILED. What happens if I certify a file by mistake? Please email pdpservice@demo.studentclearinghouse.org. We are a system school and cannot make the Nov. 8 deadline. You can certify PDP data after the next effective date (Mid-late March) and receive reports within 30 days from certification date. The November 8 effective date is based on matching certified PDP data set with your institution's Enrollment Verify and Degree Verify files submitted up to that point by your institution. If your enrollment and degree data is submitted after November 8, it will not be included in the PDP reporting. PDP data submitted after November 8 and before January 27 will still be processed with the November 8 effective date. The effective date is also when we perform the final data quality checks after the matching process. If there are no anomalies found in the data, the analysis ready files will start generating th eend of November. The Clearinghouse's goal is to have the AR files and dashboards delivered to you by late December. Please note we process data in a queue process for the data quality checks. In the event your data quality has failed, the Clearinghouse will notify your institution and may ask you to resubmit your data. Your reports will be delivered within 30 days from latest certification date. The Spring 2020 Data Submission Window officially opens January 27, 2020. If PDP data is certified after November 8 and before January 27, you will receive reporting within 10 days. If data is certified after January 27, your reports will generate after the next effective date, which will be sometime in mid to late March. If you would like your data to be process based on the November 8 effective date, please send a request for processing to pdpservice@demo.studentclearinghouse.org. If you have any questions, need assistance, or resources, please visit us online at http://demo.studentclearinghouse.org/colleges/pdp/ or you can always email us at pdpservice@demo.studentclearinghouse.org.