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National Student Clearinghouse Introduces NSC SecurePrint for Secure, Automated Transcript Printing

Nov 14, 2017 | Announcements, Media Center, Press Releases

University of Montana Registrar’s Office, Clearinghouse Partnership Leads to Improved Student Service and Money Saved

HERNDON, VA (Nov. 14, 2017) – The National Student Clearinghouse announced today NSC SecurePrint®, the only print fulfillment service using a FISMA-certified and SOC 2-compliant high security facility to process, print, and mail transcripts for colleges and universities.

“With NSC SecurePrint, colleges and universities can print without sacrificing the security of their students’ information and the credibility of their transcripts,” said Jonell Sanchez, Vice President of Education Services, National Student Clearinghouse.

With NSC SecurePrint, every ordering and fulfillment step is automated and secure. Transcripts are personalized for higher education institutions and incorporate their seal, logo, registrar’s signature, and more. We then embed the transcripts with multiple security features and deliver them, along with any approved student attachments, in tamper-evident envelopes to prevent fraud.

NSC SecurePrint integrates easily with each of the National Student Clearinghouse’s FAST, FASTER and FASTEST transcript solutions to provide an unbeatable combination of security and automation that scales to meet the needs of all size enrollments.

The University of Montana served as a beta school to test the new, secure, automated service. “My staff and I spoke last year with the Clearinghouse’s Regional Director Dannette Sullivan about being a beta school because we’ve been using the Clearinghouse’s electronic transcript service for a while,” said Montana Registrar Joe Hickman. “Printing transcripts was one of our slowest services. I was employing three people to do nothing but process transcripts at that time and mail them out.

“So we looked at the service, thought about what it could do for us, tested it and immediately realized what a boon it was going to be for our students. Suddenly students were going to get tracking with all of their mail transcripts, something we couldn’t provide. When I was printing the paper transcript in-house, I was losing money every time I sent a paper transcript out. Now, our students are not only getting faster service but also it’s costing me less not only in labor but also in supplies. It’s fundamentally changed the nature of our office.

“Because of the National Student Clearinghouse, I now have staff that are doing software testing instead so we are looking for ways to make a more dynamic credential, co-curricular transcripts, and other innovative efforts. Now, I am banking money, looking at new software purchases and becoming a 21st century office.

“As we are going through these kind of novel processes whether electronic or printed transcripts, having the Clearinghouse as a partner that we can call and say, ‘Here are the issues we see, can you help our students, our alums, and my staff through this?’ goes a long way in serving our community and my staff.” 

The National Student Clearinghouse will hold a webinar on Wednesday, November 15, at 1 pm, ET, for colleges and universities to learn about the many benefits of NSC SecurePrint. Clearinghouse staff will walk through NSC SecurePrint’s extensive security features, flexible delivery options, and the ways to configure the service for individual institutions. Colleges and universities administrators should register now for the November 15 webinar!