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Are my reports located under the File Submission Log?

No, your reports (Control, Aggregate, and Detail) are not available on the File Submission Log, which is located on the Research Services tab of our school secure site. The File Submission Log only provides “Errors/Warnings,” so your submission team can repair the submission files, if needed.

Screenshots are provided on pages 11-12 of the StudentTracker for Colleges and Universities User Guide.

After logging onto our school secure site, follow these steps to view your errors:

  • Select the Research Services tab
  • Select File Submission Log to view your submission files. You can change the view using the filters option.
  • Errors/Warnings are shown as an italicized set of numbers in the sixth column. For example, 15/0. The first number, “15,” indicates there are 15 errors in the file. The second number, “0,” indicates that no warnings were issued for your file submission.
  • Select the Errors/Warning italicized field to display a new screen that reflects the type of error, section, description, proposed solution, affected records, and affected rows

Please correct the “Errors” based on our proposed solution and resubmit the file. Files for which “Warnings” were issues were processed and the results returned. However, you should make those necessary changes in future file submissions.