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Are there additional participation benefits?

Yes. As a DegreeVerify participant, your school also has the opportunity to:

  • Get free degree verifications – Your institution has free access to DegreeVerify for its own internal use in order to verify the degrees or attendance of job candidates.
  • Earn extra income – DegreeVerify institutions can add a surcharge to the verification fee, which the Clearinghouse collects and remits to you. This provides tight budgets with much-needed additional revenue.
  • Get FREE Student Self-Service℠ – By participating in DegreeVerify and EnrollmentVerify℠, you can qualify for free Student Self-Service and provide your students with the ability to perform a wide range of enrollment verification activities via the web, at no charge.
  • Receive degree data via StudentTracker℠ – DegreeVerify institutions that participate in our StudentTracker research service will receive the following additional data:
    • Graduation indicator
    • Degrees earned
    • Major courses of study