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How can StudentTracker help me with IPEDS reporting?

StudentTracker is a valuable tool for understanding student outcomes for both previous and future enrollment periods. However, StudentTracker cannot populate your required IPEDS reporting or answer most of the questions. Institutions use StudentTracker to help reconcile their responses around the following survey materials:

  • Completions
  • Graduation rates
  • Outcome measures
  • Fall enrollment

With the changes to the 2017-2018 collection, institutions are required to report on a FULL-YEAR cohort, as opposed to the fall cohort, for the period July 1, XXXX – June 30, XXXX. You can identify the enrollment dates from our Detail Reports and should ensure you use these dates when providing your search date.

Our data can help institutions determine the number of degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate students who are first-time entering or non-first-time entering. This information is found under the Outcome Measures survey component within IPEDS.