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How does the matching logic work?

Single Student Search: Uses first three characters of the first name, last five characters of the last name, and Social Security number or date of birth.

Batch Process Search: Leverages Oracle Business Intelligence and matching through a two-step process.

  1. Logic Path: Matches student record based on the following criteria by order of importance:
    • Social Security number, previous SSN, StudentTracker profile, school ID + student ID
    • Full name (first, middle, last) + date of birth
    • Name (first, last) + date of birth
    • Swap name + date of birth
    • Full name + address
    • Previous full name + date of birth
    • Last name + date of birth
    • First name + date of birth
    • No match
  2. Match is verified by weighted node.

Our match rate is approximately 94 percent accurate, which accounts for the 2.4 percent of student enrollment files for institutions that are not participating with the Clearinghouse and approximately 3.6 percent expected matching errors. Matching errors can be caused by a number of factors, including duplicate student records, missing Social Security numbers, and Enrollment Reporting submission errors.