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What do you do with the data we send to you?

Once your data is received, we check it thoroughly for accuracy. After it has passed our edits and we have resolved any discrepancies with you, we compare your school’s enrollment list to our student loan borrowers list, provided by our participating guarantors and lenders. When we find or “match” students who appear on both your list and the lender/guarantor lists, the Clearinghouse electronically passes them on to those students’ lenders and guarantors. Non-participating lenders and servicers receive enrollment data from their guarantors.

In addition, the Department of Education, guarantors, lenders, and servicers use the Clearinghouse to check student enrollment status, either current or historical. For example, the NSLDS submits borrower files to the Clearinghouse as frequently as every 30 days. We update the borrowers’ enrollment status and return the files to the NSLDS, helping to ensure compliance with federal regulations. Some lenders send deferment forms to students, which are then forwarded to us by our participating schools to complete using the enrollment data they have provided to us. Many Clearinghouse guarantors, lenders, and servicers query our participating institutions’ data directly through our secure website to verify the dates when students graduated or withdrew.