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What is StudentTracker Premium Service?

Premium Service is a set of reports and functionality available as an upgrade to our standard StudentTracker service. It includes:

Analysis-Ready report

  • Organizes the Detail Report into a more user friendly format with one row per student, making analysis of student data easier
  • Does not replace the Detail Report, it complements it
  • Sent to your FTP account with other StudentTracker reports (not available on the user interface)

Ability to Re-Run Files

  • Allows you to access previously submitted request files from a list within the StudentTracker application and “re-run” them
  • Eliminates the need to find a previously submitted request file in your system, submit it again via FTP and go through validations again, and wait for a response
  • Represents a more efficient way to follow a particular cohort of students

Signature and Snapshot Reports for Your Institution

  • Provides PDF of your institution’s unique completion, persistence and retention reports
  • Includes school type (two-/four-year, public/private) and national numbers for comparison purposes

Data Visualizations

  • Specific to your institution’s request file
  • Based on Research Center reports