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Which students should I include in summer reporting?

Summer term data should only include students who qualify for deferments based upon their enrollment status:

  • Students who are enrolled (e.g., full-time, half-time, etc.) according to your institution’s definitions for summer enrollment.
  • Students who graduated or officially withdrew at the end of the previous semester and are not attending the summer term can also be included.
  • Students who are reported as less-than-half-time at the beginning of the term. These students will be captured in order to complete their enrollment history and perform enrollment verifications. They will not, however, be reported to lenders until the beginning of the next required term (providing that student is not included or enrolled at a higher status). If we receive summer term data from you, the Clearinghouse will automatically report summer term students who had less-than-half-time status to lenders on your behalf at the start of the required term.