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Why haven’t our students’ deferments been processed yet?

This situation can occur for various reasons. Here are several questions you can answer that will allow you to identify and correct the problem.

  • Was your enrollment data reported on schedule? Check our secure website to find out when you were scheduled to deliver your enrollment data to us, when your data was actually submitted, and when the Clearinghouse processed it. The Clearinghouse cannot notify your students’ lenders until you submit data to us. If you are late in submitting your data to us, we cannot pass updated enrollment information onto your students’ lenders and guarantors in a timely fashion, which may result in lenders prematurely contacting your student borrowers for repayment. You may wish to talk to your staff about the importance of adhering to your Clearinghouse schedule, as they may not be aware of the consequences when data arrives late. On our secure website, you can also find out when the Clearinghouse electronically notified an individual student’s lenders and when we completed that student’s deferment forms. (Contact your school’s Clearinghouse web administrator for authorization to access our secure site and obtain a password.)
  • How far is your end-of-registration period from the beginning of the term? If your end-of-registration period occurs significantly after the beginning of the term, you may want to schedule an “early registration file.” Submitting an early registration file enables the Clearinghouse to send out enrollment information almost as soon as the term begins rather than waiting several weeks.
  • Is the student enrolled in a special program of study? If so, the student may be enrolled part time at your school and part time somewhere else, with neither school reporting the student as full-time and thus eligible for deferment.