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DegreeVerify Testimonials

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What Participating Institutions Say About DegreeVerify

Hundreds of institutions reap the time-saving benefits of DegreeVerify every day. You can read some of their comments below. We also invite you to take a look at the testimonials we’ve received from some of the thousands of companies that use DegreeVerify to perform verifications.

“WE LOVE DEGREEVERIFY! It has made a huge difference in the volume of calls we were receiving in the office, and we have received little resistance from callers when we indicate to them that we handle degree verification through the Clearinghouse. In fact, a number of callers are happy that this avenue is now open to them. The notification process that research is needed on an individual is quite good, and the process for submitting information is relatively simple. We just got the free Student Self-Service verifications in place, and this, too, has been a great side benefit of participating with DegreeVerify.”

Amanda L. Euen

Assistant Registrar, Miami University

“Like many academic institutions, our department’s goal is to provide our graduates and attendees with the best possible registrar services. By utilizing the benefits of the DegreeVerify program, we ensure that Cornell graduates get the immediate recognition they deserve, since employers can now utilize the online degree verification site, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

David Yeh

Assistant Vice President of Academic Support Services, Cornell University

“The choice to go active with DegreeVerify was based on a long and satisfactory history with the Clearinghouse. They offered an attractive service that has helped us refocus and redirect our day-to-day office activities to provide an enhanced service to the public.”

Dugald "Scott" McMillan

Associate Registrar, Michigan State University

“Before we began using DegreeVerify, I just assigned the verification work to my staff, and it got done. But I had no measure of our activity. Now I monitor it on the Clearinghouse website, and for the first time, I know what our volume is, who the requestors are, and I feel more in control than ever.”

Angela Anderson

Registrar, East Carolina University

“We had to figure out a way to be creative with our resources. I only have a staff of five to support the needs of 44,000 enrolled students, not to mention the needs of our alumni and others. The Clearinghouse offered us a perfect solution. We went live with DegreeVerify in December and noticed a difference immediately. During January, our first active month, we were able to redirect 579 verification phone calls to the Clearinghouse. My staff was elated!”

Pamela Reynolds

Assistant Registrar, Texas A&M University

“My advice to any school is that they need the Clearinghouse badly…The bottom line is you can’t plan for every possible crisis. There are too many interactive elements associated with the management of the registrar’s office. If one system goes down, perhaps the phones or the electricity, then it affects everything else. Ultimately, it is the students and alumni who suffer. The Clearinghouse can provide your students, alumni, and third party requestors with services when you can’t.”

Greg Wist

Registrar, Borough of Manhattan Community College-City University of New York (BMCC-CUNY)

“Daily phone interruptions from requestors affected our ability to efficiently manage mission-critical office duties and distracted from one-on-one student interaction. The Clearinghouse’s DegreeVerify service [makes] a tremendous difference in the management of our student records.”

Priscilla Tibbs

Registrar, Nashville State Technical Institute

“We decided to use DegreeVerify for two reasons. With all of the budget cuts going on in our state, we needed to be able to save as much staff time as possible, and this allowed us to significantly reduce the amount of time our staff has to spend verifying degrees. Furthermore, we felt that it would be a benefit to our graduates, since the prospective employers will be able to verify degrees much quicker and easier using the Clearinghouse system.”

Carolyn Parham

Registrar, University of South Alabama

“The concern about forgeries of academic documents is on the rise. As more companies check academic credentials, we feel the effect on our office operations. The Clearinghouse gives employers an alternative source that is available 24/7 to give access to the information when our office is closed.”

Carrie Cummings

Supervisor of Academic Records, Western Michigan University

“DegreeVerify offers a value-added service for students and requestors at no cost to our university. We are excited about the added efficiency both for our alumni and for their prospective employers.”

Richard Backes

Senior Associate Registrar, Washington State University

“Programming the degree reporting data took our systems department less than a week. The investment of time was worth it, because the Clearinghouse now acts as our agent for verifying degrees to employers. A few days of work has saved us countless hours of phone calls and administrative work. In addition, this service is seven days a week, 24 hours a day — we can’t top that!”

Diane Barnes

Associate Registrar, Wichita State University