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EnrollmentVerify℠ enables you to refer any commercial enrollment verification request to the Clearinghouse for secure, immediate response. If you qualify for our free Student Self-Service program, you can completely eliminate student-generated requests too.

You can initiate your free EnrollmentVerify service simply by signing an amendment to your Clearinghouse loan verification service agreement. No additional data or programming is required. Contact us to request an EnrollmentVerify amendment from your Clearinghouse regional or managing director. Once you sign up, you’ll realize the benefits of decreased call volumes and greater office efficiency right away.

What EnrollmentVerify Includes

  • Secure automated verifications for your students
  • Leverages the data you already supply to the Clearinghouse
  • Easy-to-use online management tools
  • Flexible reporting options
  • Audit trail of all Clearinghouse verifications

Why You Should Put EnrollmentVerify to Work for You

  • Automates all your enrollment verifications from:
    • Credit grantors
    • Travel companies
    • Computer hardware and software resellers
  • Improves efficiency and student service
  • Reduces fraudulent student status claims
  • No additional programming or data reporting
  • Free to institutions
  • FERPA compliant
  • Free Student Self-Service

Get Started with EnrollmentVerify

Outsource all your enrollment verifications for FREE with no additional programming or data reporting required.