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Fee Schedule for Colleges & Universities

Financial Aid Services  Enrollment Reporting

Federal Family Education Loan Program

Student Status Confirmation Reports (SSCRs) for guaranty agencies and NSLDS

No charge

Deferment forms and enrollment verifications

No charge

Federal Direct Student Loan Program

SSCRs through the NSLDS

No charge

Deferment forms and enrollment verifications

No charge

Online Data

Electronic reports made to other eligible requestors

No charge

Secure web access to institution- and student-specific data

No charge

Enrollment Verification

Perkins and private loan deferments and processing requests from scholarship grant and other aid programs

No charge

Gainful Employment Reporting

Gainful Employment data you provide to the Clearinghouse is reported to the Department of Education on your behalf

No charge

Verification Services  DegreeVerify℠

Verification of degrees and other academic achievements to employers, background screening firms, and others

No charge

Verification Services  EnrollmentVerify℠

Verification of enrollment to student service providers (e.g., credit grantors, housing providers, travel companies, software discounters)

No charge

Data Exchange Services  Reverse Transfer

Automated platform enabling course/grade data to be transferred from a four- or two-year institution to any two-year institution in order to award associate degrees to eligible students

No charge

Research Services  StudentTracker®

Standard Annual Subscription

Reports on the enrollment status at other institutions of your prospective, current, and former students.

A single StudentTracker subscription can be used by all collegiate areas budgeted from institutional funds that are not funded or reimbursed by outside entities.

There are three options. You can:

  1. Get StudentTracker for FREE by:
    • Participating in our free DegreeVerify and EnrollmentVerify services, AND
    • Reporting these additional data elements: class level, college ID, and major and/or CIP
  2. Reduce the fee by 50 percent (you pay only 5¢ times your school’s enrollment or a $150 minimum) by:
    • Participating in our free DegreeVerify and EnrollmentVerify services, OR
    • Reporting these additional data elements: class level, college ID, and major and/or CIP
  3. Pay an annual fee equal to your school’s enrollment* times 10¢, payable in advance (minimum annual fee is $300).


Premium Service Annual Subscription

Adds a robust suite of research tools to your standard StudentTracker subscription:

  • Analysis-Ready Report: Displays one row per student, enabling immediate analysis of detail report across eight (8) academic years
  • Ability to Re-Run Files: Provides newest data in our database for same cohort of students with up to four (4) reloads over 365 days¹
  • Signature & Snapshot Reports for Your Institution: Comprehensive completion and persistence/retention rates specific to your institution and/or system of institutions
  • Data Visualization: Graphical representation of your institution-specific outcomes and trends, including gender, race/ethnicity, graduation time frames, and remediation

Based on enrollment volume (annual price)*

  • $795: < 4,000 enrollment
  • $1,295: ≥ 4,000 to 9,999 enrollment
    • Institutions that did not report an enrollment number to IPEDS will be charged $1,295
  • $1,995: ≥ 10,000 enrollment

System of Institutions:
Annual price is equal to the sum of the individual prices for all institutions included in the subscription.

Research Services  StudentTracker® for Outreach

Reports on the postsecondary enrollment status of outreach program participants nationwide.

Small Program

  • Data File Limit: 12 submissions
  • Annual Record Limit: 5,000 records
  • Maximum Web User Accounts: 5 users

$425 per year

Medium Program

  • Data File Limit: 15 submissions
  • Annual Record Limit: 10,000 records
  • Maximum Web User Accounts: 10 users

$1,000 per year

Large Program

  • Data File Limit: 20 submissions
  • Annual Record Limit: 20,000² records
  • Maximum Web User Accounts: 15 users

$2,500 per year

Verification Services  Student Self-Service℠

Online service that lets students print enrollment certificates, view their enrollment histories and student loan deferments, check enrollment verifications performed on their behalf, and identify servicers for their private and FFEL student loans.

No charge

Data Exchange Services  Transcript Services

Electronic Transcript Exchange℠

Web-based service that enables participants to securely exchange an unlimited number of electronic transcripts via the Clearinghouse’s secure network.

No charge

Transcript Ordering

Web-based transcript ordering.

No charge

“Touch-free” electronic processing and delivery (for Ellucian’s Banner®, Colleague®, or PowerCampus™ system users only)

No charge

Transcript Center

Web-based application for securely and electronically requesting and receiving high school transcripts from connected high schools.

No charge

NSC SecurePrint®

Secure and automated print-to-mail transcript service compatible with our FAST, FASTER, and FASTEST transcript solutions.

No charge

  Clearinghouse Academy

Half-day workshop that teaches you how to more fully utilize our services. Workshops are held regularly throughout the country. (For more, see Clearinghouse Academy.)

No charge

*Enrollment is equal to the fall enrollment (headcount) as reported to the federal government (IPEDS). Fee schedule effective January 1, 2018.
¹ Applies to files created on and after July 23, 2016
² If you have more than 20,000 records to track, please contact us to discuss available options.