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Credit Accumulation Rate (CAR)

View of student success in completing credits attempted in their first academic year.

Credit Completion Ratio (CCR)

Student success rates in credit completion in their first academic year to satisfy credit thresholds.


Student first year enrollment metrics by demographic and by cohort year.

Executive Summary

Provides a summary of the key metrics from enrollment, retention and credit accumulation to provide a summary for executive offices.


Completion rates of first-year students for Math or English courses.

Non-Cohort Dashboard (Credentials Conferred & Time to Credential)

Credentials conferred reflects academic year in which each credential was awarded, not cohort. Time to credential metrics demonstrate the length of time in years elapsed from first enrollment until student earned an undergraduate credential.


Outcomes provides a view of completion rates and other outcomes for students by cohort year.

Persistence and Retention

Provides first-to-second-year retention and persistence rates for six consecutive student cohorts. Retention describes a count on the number of students still enrolled or earned a degree from the cohort institution before the end of the second academic year. Persistence reflects the number of students still enrolled in their second year or completed a credential at another institution.


This dashboard is to provide a view of transfer student rates and other outcomes for students, such as credentials earned pre- or post-transfer by cohort year.