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Good Student Discount Certificates

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Now more than ever, students want — and need — to take advantage of the money-saving opportunities available to them from companies offering good student discounts. Typically, students have to rely on their registrar’s office to provide them with the documentation they need, which can cause delays for them and additional paperwork for your staff.

If you participate in our free Student Self-Service, you can offer your students the convenience of printing their own “Good Student Discount” certificates at no charge whenever they need them.

This option is available to participating Student Self-Service schools that include a Good Student Discount flag in the enrollment data they report to the Clearinghouse. The flag indicates an individual student’s eligibility for good student discounts based on academic performance, as determined by the school. Only students who you have determined are eligible can print a Good Student Discount certificate.

Contact us to add the Good Student Discount option to your Student Self-Service or, if you don’t participate in Student Self-Service, to find out how you can become eligible for this free service.