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StudentTracker Premium FAQs

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StudentTracker Premium

Premium Service is a set of reports and functionality available as an upgrade to our standard StudentTracker service. It includes:

Analysis-Ready report

  • Organizes the Detail Report into a more user friendly format with one row per student, making analysis of student data easier
  • Does not replace the Detail Report, it complements it
  • Sent to your FTP account with other StudentTracker reports (not available on the user interface)

Ability to Re-Run Files

  • Allows you to access previously submitted request files from a list within the StudentTracker application and “re-run” them
  • Eliminates the need to find a previously submitted request file in your system, submit it again via FTP and go through validations again, and wait for a response
  • Represents a more efficient way to follow a particular cohort of students

Signature and Snapshot Reports for Your Institution

  • Provides PDF of your institution’s unique completion, persistence and retention reports
  • Includes school type (two-/four-year, public/private) and national numbers for comparison purposes

Data Visualizations

  • Specific to your institution’s request file
  • Based on Research Center reports

Existing subscribers can upgrade to Premium Service by executing an addendum to your current StudentTracker agreement. Separate addendums are available for institutions and systems of institutions. If you are a system of institutions, you must sign a system agreement and each of your member institutions must sign an institution agreement.

You can download the Premium Service addendum by logging onto our school secure site. On the Research Services tab, under Premium Service, you will see “Download Your Addendum.”

In order to participate in Premium Service, you must be one of the following:

  • Two-year public institution
  • Four-year public institution
  • Four-year private institution (for-profit or nonprofit)

Further, to qualify for the Signature and Snapshots Reports feature, your institution must:

  • Be a two-year public or four-year public/private institution
  • Have at least 50 students in the defined cohort
  • Participate in our free DegreeVerify service
  • Have reported enrollment and degree records to the Clearinghouse for at least four years prior to the cohort
  • Be a main campus (branch 00)
  • Meet other criteria established by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

See “Premium Service Annual Subscription” on our fee schedule for colleges and universities.

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