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High Schools

The National Student Clearinghouse® provides cost-effective transcript services and educational research services that help U.S. high schools and districts improve college readiness and success.

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StudentTracker for High Schools

A look at how the National Student Clearinghouse helps education go further with solutions that serve the K-12 Continuum.

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Research Services

Research Services

StudentTracker ® for High Schools: Enables you to follow your graduates’ transition to college by querying our participating institutions’ postsecondary enrollment and degree records.

StudentTracker® for Outreach: Helps measure the college success of participants in outreach programs, such as Gear Up.

Free research reports: Our Research Center publishes reports on student pathways, student outcomes, and enrollment trends throughout the year. You can read all of our free research reports at

Data Exchange Services

Data Exchange Services

Electronic Transcript Exchange℠: Enables you to exchange electronic transcripts with your trading partners, like other high schools as well as postsecondary institutions, via the Clearinghouse’s secure network.

Clearinghouse Transcript Center: Through our service, high schools, school districts, and postsecondary institutions can securely send and receive transcripts.