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How You Can Help Your Students Save Money

How You Can Help Your Students Save Money

by NSC Blog | Dec 3, 2015 | 2016 AACRAO, EnrollmentVerify, Student Self-Service, Verification Services |

During the holidays (and year round), you can help your students save money on all types of services and purchases by participating in EnrollmentVerify. EnrollmentVerify uses the same enrollment data you already report to the Clearinghouse to provide instant enrollment verifications for student service providers, including those that offer student discounts, like big box retailers, online stores, and more.

EnrollmentVerify instantly verifies student eligibility for cost saving discounts on all types of goods and services.

In order to keep costs low, these discounters often never contact schools directly. Instead participating retailers and others use EnrollmentVerify so they can qualify students immediately. If you also participate in Student Self-Service, your students can see all the enrollment verifications that the Clearinghouse has performed on their behalf.

It’s an easy way to help your students realize cost savings across a wide range of goods and services, from retail items, like clothing and shoes, to technology and – just in time to head home for the holidays – transportation.


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