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Jonell SanchezBy Jonell Sanchez, Vice President of Education Services, National Student Clearinghouse

Dear Education Community:

The National Student Clearinghouse will celebrate our 25th anniversary as your trusted partner in 2018. We’re getting a head start on the celebration by filling the coming academic year with new events, services, and much more, including:

  • 350 live in-person and online events
  • Launch of our “FAST, FASTER, and FASTEST” Transcript Services and new site
  • More compliance and reporting resources
  • StudentTracker Premium Service free trial
  • Free college completion tool: Reverse Transfer/Course Exchange
  • New Customer Care department

350 Live In-Person and Online Events

We’ve unveiled a full year’s worth of events – 350 of them! – on our events calendar. You can start planning now to meet Clearinghouse reps and subject matter experts at 74 regional and national industry conferences, 235 live webinars, and 41 “Clearinghouse Academy Live: In Your Neighborhood” sessions held in cities around the country. We are also launching our first “Ask the Experts” webinar, beginning with DegreeVerify on September 28, during which our experts will answer your questions on a specific service or topic. But we’re not done yet. More events will be added during the year, so make sure you bookmark our events calendar.

Launch of Our “FAST, FASTER, and FASTEST” Transcript Services and New Site

Earlier this month, we rolled out our new Transcript Services site, where you can choose the transcript solution that’s right for you now and learn how to grow into our faster solutions later. Our new site is loaded with client videos, testimonials, and case studies from all types and sizes of institutions, allowing you to hear from your peers on the value proposition of each of our FAST, FASTER, and FASTEST solutions. Visit transcriptservices.org now to explore our new site and learn how to get Transcript Services at your speed. 

More Compliance and Reporting Resources

In 2016-2017, we committed to an average processing time of 5 days or less. Last year’s fall/spring compliance season was a resounding success resulting in an outstanding average processing time of 2.67 days. We have kicked off the compliance reporting season and are excited about working together and delivering another successful season. In addition, the Clearinghouse is offering several new webinars to help you stay in compliance, including:

  • Enrollment Reporting: NSLDS’s New “L” Status Requirement Explained
  • Enrollment Reporting: Delving into G from Degree
  • Meet & Beat the NSLDS 90% Threshold: Effective Partnership between Financial Aid & Registrar Offices

These webinars and others will be presented by your trusted experts in our new Data Excellence & Operations team, your one-stop resource for institutional compliance and student reporting needs.

You can sign up for any of our webinars and find extensive training resources on our Clearinghouse Academy site. In addition, we regularly update and expand Compliance Central to give you even more timely information at your fingertips.

StudentTracker Premium Service Free Trial

Our new Premium Service enables you to transform your research by adding the power of its robust tools and capabilities to your StudentTracker for Colleges & Universities service.

Our free Premium Services trial starts late this September and continues through December 2017. Contact your Clearinghouse regional director to sign up or get started on StudentTracker, if you don’t yet participate. Our webinar, “Let’s Get Started: Free Trial of StudentTracker for Colleges & Universities Premium Services,” is being held through October. See our events calendar for dates and times and to register.

Free College Completion Tool: Reverse Transfer/Course Exchange

The Clearinghouse’s free Reverse Transfer/Course Exchange platform enables you to direct course-level information to institutions with which the student may be pursuing a reverse transfer degree or general transfer. Soon, the Myhub student portal will also support your students’ abilities to review their collection of academic activities and achievements.

New Customer Care Department

The Clearinghouse has combined four of our client-facing teams – Implementations, Customer Service, Client Support and Client Management – to create our new Customer Care Department. The team will focus on serving you better and improving how we respond, listen, and care for our clients and customers.

You’ll have an opportunity to meet a number of our implementation and client management staff members, who you work with regularly, as they hit the road to participate in upcoming conferences and the “Clearinghouse Academy Live: In Your Neighborhood” sessions.

Join the Journey, Get Started Now!

I want to personally invite you to join the Clearinghouse on our exciting journey. The best way to get started is to sign up for one or more of our 350 events, as space is limited, on our events calendar. And don’t forget to contact your Clearinghouse regional director to get started on any of our services.

As we head into fall, everyone at the Clearinghouse is working harder every day to deliver exceptional value to you and your students. And we’re just getting started!

Thank you for joining the Clearinghouse on our exciting journey into our 25th year of service to you and your students. 

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