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Respond for Results!

Respond for Results! Part 3

by NSC Blog | Nov 20, 2015 | DegreeVerify, Verification Services |

Keep Your Students’ Job Offers Open When Your Office Is Closed!

Last time, we discussed how speedy results help your students land their dream jobs. But we realize there will be times when you can’t verify a student’s education immediately. Fortunately, you have tools available to help set expectations for prospective employers and make the background screening process as streamlined as possible.

Whether your office is closed for the holidays, or a student’s degree is pending conferral, DegreeVerify allows you to keep requestors informed. Sharing important information about the process helps your students stay in the candidate pool even when there are uncontrollable delays.

Whether your office is closed for the holidays or a student’s degree is pending conferral, DegreeVerify’s Pending Message Alert lets you keep requestors informed.

User administrators with the “service administrator” role can create a Pending Message Alert to let requestors know how soon to expect a response on any requests requiring school research. Posting this type of message will be particularly helpful during the upcoming holiday season as degree verifications submitted around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day can take nearly three times as long to resolve. By posting a message, you can let requestors know that you’ll take care of the verification as soon as your office resumes normal business hours.

You can also let requestors know right away that a student’s degree conferral is pending. Providing the dates of attendance and a note in the Comment field that includes the anticipated conferral date allows requestors to extend conditional offers of employment to your students. Waiting to resolve a pending verification delays the hiring process and can negatively affect the student’s job prospect.

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