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Spotlight on Clearinghouse Board Chair Natalie “Nikki” Krawitz

by NSC Blog | Sep 19, 2019 | Clearinghouse News |

Headshot of Nikki KrawitzDuring the Clearinghouse’s annual board meeting in June, Natalie “Nikki” Krawitz, former vice president for finance and administration for the University of Missouri System and now retired, was elected the Clearinghouse’s new Board Chair. In this blog post, she describes her passion for serving on the board.

A Mission to Serve

The makeup of the Clearinghouse’s board, which comprises a cross-section of the constituencies that it serves, reflects its status as a trusted, neutral, and reliable source for educational information and services. The board oversees operations, finances and ensures the strategy and resources are aligned with the mission.

Members serve on a volunteer basis because they believe in the Clearinghouse’s mission to serve the education and workforce communities and all learners with access to trusted data, related services, and insights.

“(The board) believes in what the Clearinghouse does for students, educational institutions, and employers,” explained Ms. Krawitz. “And what it will do to enhance the student-to-workforce pathway in the future.”

Driving Force

The Clearinghouse’s mission has expanded over the years to accomplish ambitious goals for the future. It’s the commitment to making an impact on tomorrow’s students as they plan to enter the workforce that drives current and potential board members.

“In the future, we want to make the connection between what students are studying and how it’s making them workforce ready. That will help connect employers with potential employees and ensure learners are increasingly adding value to their education through their ability to get jobs,” said Ms. Krawitz. “We’ll also continue using our data to perform research through the Research Center to help inform decision making in education.”

Strong Foundation

According to Ms. Krawitz, no plans can come to fruition without knowledgeable, engaged staff.

“The board recognizes the Clearinghouse needs more than a talented leader to carry out its mission. We need highly-talented individuals supporting (Rick Torres, President and CEO of the Clearinghouse),” she said. “We support the Clearinghouse workforce.”

The next Clearinghouse board meeting is September 26-27 in Herndon, Virginia.

“(The board) believes in what the Clearinghouse does for students, educational institutions, and employers. And what it will do to enhance the student to workforce pathway in the future.”

Natalie “Nikki” Krawitz
National Student Clearinghouse Board Chair

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