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2016 StudentTracker Upgrade

Summer 2016 StudentTracker Upgrade Q&A

by NSC Blog | Jun 20, 2016 | Research Services, StudentTracker |

The Clearinghouse is implementing a major upgrade of our StudentTracker® for Colleges and Universities service. The initial improvements, which we’re introducing this summer, will help StudentTracker users stay better informed about the status of their files, manage their subscription, and streamline file review and processing. We also plan to add exciting new reporting features at the end of the year.

What enhancements are being added this summer?

A new user interface, user access to real-time file status information, auto-remediation of common file errors, and online access to account subscription information.

How will users benefit from the new StudentTracker interface?

The new interface gives users more control over their StudentTracker query files. They can receive instant feedback from our system on formatting and data issues, check the status of their files in real time, and obtain information on their StudentTracker account.

Can users who submit batch files use StudentTracker’s new interface?

Yes, as long as they have a Web ID and it has the StudentTracker Operations role access assigned to it. The Clearinghouse user administrator for the institution can create Web IDs for their StudentTracker users who do not have one.

Will users have better access to the status of their file submission?

Yes! Currently, users receive a status update three to five days after submitting a file, which tells them that either their StudentTracker reports are ready for retrieval or their file was rejected. StudentTracker’s new interface will enable users to view the status of their file submission 24/7 in real time, track it throughout the processing lifecycle, and view the history of any previously submitted file, including warnings and errors. Users will continue to receive confirmations via email after uploading a file.

What file information will be available via the interface?

Users can track and view the lifecycle of their data as it is moves through our system, providing greater visibility into StudentTracker file processing. Instant feedback on formatting and data issues is provided. The real-time status of submitted files can be checked at any time.

Will reports be easier to identify?

Yes! We’ve heard your requests for greater visibility and tracking of reports.  The original file name will be retained within your reports and be searchable within the interface, so you can easily identify which reports correspond to which of your batch file submissions. This will also help reduce confusion when multiple users submit files.

What is auto-remediation?

Basically, it’s where StudentTracker does the work for you. Each time a file is submitted, StudentTracker automatically checks for and corrects common errors, like date formatting. Any errors that cannot be auto-remediated are instantaneously sent to the user for correction.

Will users see file warnings and errors?

Yes. All warnings and errors are displayed — along with recommendations for solutions — so users can correct and resubmit their files, enabling more efficient processing. This will also help educate users — especially those unfamiliar with StudentTracker’s file formatting guidelines — on the proper way to prepare submission files so they can avoid repeating the same errors in future submissions and receive reports faster. Overall, users will gain a better understanding of how the quality of the data that they submit directly impacts the StudentTracker reports generated using their data.

What account information will be available via the interface?

The status of the subscription, including the paid-through date, will be available to all StudentTracker users at an institution. Users will be alerted via StudentTracker’s interface 45 days in advance of their subscription’s expiration date so they can renew or determine how to maximize their remaining subscription period. This will also help prevent users from submitting files after their StudentTracker subscription’s expiration date.

Will I still submit my StudentTracker batch query through secure FTP?

Yes. The process for formatting and submitting your files through secure FTP remain the same.

How will management of my batch query files change?

In order to review your batch query submissions and their status, you must have a secure web ID that grants you access to the online StudentTracker user interface. If you don’t have a web ID, the Clearinghouse user administrator at your school can create one for you. StudentTracker’s interface will help you manage your batch files and automatically generate and send you email notifications regarding file status, including if your file has errors or warnings, needs correction, or has been accepted.

What’s the best way to stay updated on the StudentTracker upgrade?

Visit and subscribe to our StudentTracker upgrade page. You’ll receive updates as announcements and other information are added to the site.

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