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Tackling “Summer Melt” with StudentTracker for High Schools

by NSC Blog | Apr 15, 2019 | K-12, Research Reports, Research Services, StudentTracker for High Schools |

Let Us Help You Understand the Scope and the Reasons

According to research about “summer melt,” as many as one in five high school graduates who intend to enroll in college, don’t arrive in the fall.

What percentage of your high school’s graduates get off track because of “summer melt?” Most importantly, how can you help more of those students transition into college effectively?

There are many reasons for “summer melt” but a few are:

  • Financial difficulties: If a student can’t get the loans or funds to cover tuition, room and board, they may not be able to enroll.
  • Academic barriers: If a student places into remedial courses (basic math or writing, for example), those courses often do not offer a credit that counts toward a degree. It can be daunting to pay for courses that don’t move the student along a degree path.
  • Aspiration over acceptance: Surveys of graduating students tend to reflect what high school seniors hope is going to happen, which can differ significantly from reality.

Many high schools have a data gap — they don’t have trustworthy enrollment data to use to identify “summer melt.”

Two key questions to ask yourself:

  • What percentage of “summer melt” does your school encounter? What are the percentages you have experienced over the past three to five years?
  • Why are certain students failing to enroll in college in the fall, as they had intended to?

To answer these questions, you need accurate data. Many high schools have a data gap – they just don’t have trustworthy enrollment data to use to identify “summer melt.” StudentTracker® for High Schools can address this data gap.

StudentTracker for High Schools is a unique service designed to help high schools and school districts more accurately gauge the college success of their graduates. This service matches your high school’s graduates with our database of college enrollment records, covering 98 percent of enrolled students nationwide. The data can tell you how each of your graduates is faring and answer almost any question about college enrollment, continuation, and graduation.

It all comes back to verified, trustworthy data from the colleges’ and universities’ enrollment records. With StudentTracker for High Schools, you have everything you need to assess “summer melt” — and take steps to reduce it.

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