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‘Tis the Season to Update Your Clearinghouse Contacts

by NSC Blog | Dec 12, 2019 | Financial Aid Services, Research Services, Transcript & Data Exchange Services, Verification Services |

As the fall term ends and before the spring term begins, it’s a great time to check your Clearinghouse contact list. It’s important to keep your contacts up to date so we can reach the appropriate person whenever questions or issues arise.

Each participating school has a staff member who serves as their Clearinghouse user administrator. Your Clearinghouse User Administrator can view and edit your contacts to ensure the list is current, all contact information is accurate, and roles (e.g., registrar, financial aid director or submission data) are assigned to the right people. This also ensures that the appropriate staff at your institution have access to view the student data you have reported to the Clearinghouse.

For help viewing and updating your Clearinghouse contacts, check out the “School Secure Site: Getting Started” course on the Clearinghouse Academy and its short modules on viewing, managing, and adding school users.  

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