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Who Can Use Student Self-Service

by NSC Blog | Nov 3, 2015 | Clearinghouse Academy, Student Self-Service, Verification Services |

Q: What Is Student Self-Service?

A: Student Self-Service is an online service enabling your students to obtain enrollment and student loan information at no charge. Accessible 24/7 through your school’s secure student portal, Student Self-Service connects your students to the Clearinghouse through a secure link.

Q: Who Can Access Student Self-Service?

A: Your school determines who can access Student Self-Service through your site. For example, it is your decision whether current or former students have access to authenticate through your school’s secure portal. But most Student Self-Service participants grant access solely to current students.

International students can access Student Self-Service through your site only if their enrollment data is submitted to the Clearinghouse with their college ID number.

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