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New Report Ranks States Based on Colleges’ Performance in Helping Students Transfer to Four-Year Universities and Earn Bachelor’s Degrees

by NSC Media Center | Jan 19, 2016 | Media Center, Press Releases, Research News

A new report released today by the Community College Research Center (CCRC) at Teachers College, Columbia University; the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program; and the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center finds that across the United States, only 14 percent of students starting in community colleges transfer to four-year schools and earn a bachelor’s degree within six years of entry.

Case Study – Benedictine College

by transcriptservices | Jun 15, 2017

Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering helps Benedictine College adapt to needs of growing student population.

Nearly 1 in 5 Graduates from High-Poverty High Schools Graduated within 6 Years

by NSC Media Center | Oct 24, 2017 | Media Center, Press Releases, Research News

Nearly one in five graduates from high-poverty, high schools graduated college within six years of finishing high school, and one in four students from low-income schools completed a college degree within six years of their high school graduation, according to the 2017 High School Benchmarks Report: National College Progression Rates.

Nearly 1 Million Students with Some College Returned and Earned a Degree Since 2014

by Todd Sedmak | Oct 30, 2019 | Announcements, Media Center, Press Releases
“Some College, No Degree” Report Reveals 3.5 Million Americans with Some College Have High Potential to Return and Finish College WASHINGTON, DC (Oct. 30, 2019)—The United States saw nearly one million former students, in just five years, return to postsecondary...
How Data Tells Your School’s and Students’ Success Story: Part 1

How Data Tells Your School’s and Students’ Success Story: Part 1

by NSC Blog | Apr 11, 2019 | K-12, Research Reports, Research Services, StudentTracker for High Schools

There is only one reliable source of college enrollment, persistence, and completion rates for your high school’s graduates – the colleges themselves and StudentTracker for High Schools.

The Challenge of Transferring College Credits

The Challenge of Transferring College Credits

by NSC Blog | Dec 5, 2017 | Research Reports, Research Services, Signature Reports

There’s room for much improvement with the student transfer experience. Data from the Research Center provides insight to support the changes that need to be made.