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Arbitration Rejection Notice

If you do not wish to participate in the arbitration provision of the Myhub Terms and Conditions that govern your relationship with National Student Clearinghouse, and wish to reject the provision, please fill out and send us this form. Alternatively, you can send us a letter that contains your name, address and personal signature and states that you reject the arbitration provision. A PDF version is also available.

Please print and complete this form in its entirety (please print legibly).

Retain a copy for your records and send the completed form by U.S. mail to:

National Student Clearinghouse
Attn: Legal
2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 220
Herndon, VA, 20171

I, _________________________________, (Print your legal first and last name) reject the arbitration provision of the Terms and Conditions that govern my relationship with National Student Clearinghouse.

Date: ________/________/________

Signature: ____________________________________________

My Street Address: