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About Secure FTP Access

Secure FTP is used to safely and securely collect, store, manage and distribute sensitive information between your organization and the Clearinghouse. All files received by the Clearinghouse are securely stored using FIPS 140-2 validated AES encryption, the U.S. federal encryption standard.

Before files can be transmitted, you must establish a secure FTP account at least two business days before you are scheduled to send your file. To open a Clearinghouse secure FTP account, please submit the online form. A Clearinghouse account representative will contact you with your password and instructions.

If you need to modify an existing secure FTP account, please email for assistance.

Clearinghouse Secure FTP Server Configuration

Internet Domain:
Web Site Address:
User ID: Colleges & Universities:
usually your OE number
Home Folder: Same as your User ID
Receive Sub-Folder:
(if applicable)
Password: Initially set by Customer Service, can be changed by user

    New Secure FTP Account Request